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[one_full last= »yes » spacing= »yes » center_content= »no » hide_on_mobile= »no » background_color= » » background_image= » » background_repeat= »no-repeat » background_position= »left top » hover_type= »none » link= » » border_position= »all » border_size= »0px » border_color= » » border_style= » » padding= » » margin_top= » » margin_bottom= » » animation_type= » » animation_direction= » » animation_speed= »0.1″ animation_offset= » » class= » » id= » »][title size= »1″ content_align= »left » style_type= »default » sep_color= » » margin_top= » » margin_bottom= » » class= » » id= » »]The Digital Entrepreneurship[/title][fusion_text]No wonder with the fast growing world of technology, communication means have also progressed and entrepreneurs have discovered smarter ways to reach their consumers. Businesses are now becoming virtual platforms, where profitable digital goods and services are being sold. Here are the 5 secrets to a successful digital entrepreneur!

1- Hire!
No one can do everything at the same time, or has all the required qualities to build a business. That is why people hire. Identify your weaknesses and hire someone to fulfill that position, as soon as you can afford to. But also, hire someone who will give you the motivation you need to kick off the day.

2- Research the market extensively

the number-one reason for startups to fail is poor fit into their markets. In order to succeed, you need to be well informed about everything, identify the value you can provide to your customer that your competitor can’t, to reach them fast and effectively. By this, you create an added value that differentiates you from others.

 3- Right tools for customers
Successful entrepreneurs know which tool to use despite the variety of tools available online and conflicting reviews, to reach the customer. Do your own testing to figure out which tool is more beneficial to your business and provides a solid return to your investment.

4- Prepare for change
Technology is unpredictable, just like your digital entrepreneurship. Get ready to pivot and implement change quickly regardless of the challenges you are facing. Take inventory of issues that could leave your business exposed.

5- Provide customers with amazing services
“Sales without service is like putting money into a pocket with a hole in it”. Many companies fail to reach their potential because they’re too busy focusing on sales that they forget to provide a customer-service experience that is not just about handling complaints. Don’t just say you need to provide better service, do it. Follow through, and be sure you’re measuring the impact of your actions.

Sara BEN HAFSIA[/fusion_text][/one_full]

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