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[one_full last= »yes » spacing= »yes » center_content= »no » hide_on_mobile= »no » background_color= » » background_image= » » background_repeat= »no-repeat » background_position= »left top » hover_type= »none » link= » » border_position= »all » border_size= »0px » border_color= » » border_style= » » padding= » » margin_top= » » margin_bottom= » » animation_type= » » animation_direction= » » animation_speed= »0.1″ animation_offset= » » class= » » id= » »][fusion_text]Holiday season, what better season to kick into gear and step up your marketing game on. It is never too early to prepare our strategy for one of the busiest period of the year. Businesses have to get into their Christmas Marketing spirit, which means discounts, discounts and more discounts.

That is why, brands needs to focus on the festive spirit of this celebration in order to attract customers.  It is a very simple equation we have here, happy customers = more purchasing! In other terms, the marketer has to understand how we perceive brands to deliver the advantage in this competitive time of the year.

Here are some keys, to kick ass the


Holiday is all about emotions and positive energy. It represents love, family, generosity and sentimental sharing. Release it to your customers and they will give it back to you. Elaborate a campaign strategy specific with your type of business. Don’t forget, the golden rule will always be: Good products, affordable and reasonable prices with great attention.


Your customers will surely appreciate your efforts, and Christmas wishes accompanied with special offers, discount coupons. But most importantly, reward your loyal customers. Faithful customers need to have special care for them to feel unique and remembered for being the first back up your business ever had.


Christmas time is the perfect opportunity for a contest and for someone to win. It is the gift’s season! Creativity is required to get your customers participating and excited for the contest. It has to be accessible for everyone which means online on your web page. You will ask yourself, what goals am I going to achieve with this? Expand the reach of your audience is the answer.


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

Who hasn’t read this while singing it? Nothing gets customers in the mood other than Christmas trees, decorations, music, red theme, Santa Clause and happy spirit. Get ready, and inspire your customers for a wonderful Christmas spirit, they will feel more welcome and willing to spend more.

Article écrit par : Sara BEN HAFSIA[/fusion_text][/one_full]

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